Only the Best for Your Dirty Dogg

  • Clean and Fresh

  • Shiny Soft Coats

  • Healthy and Natural

  • Eliminates Dirty Odors

Dirty Dogg

Natural Pet Shampoo

with Argan Oil

Built as a labor of love, Dirty Dogg Shampoo delivers an amazing fresh scent that will make you forget that your dog could ever smell like, well…a dog.  To ensure that your dog can proudly show off it’s beautiful, soft and shiny coat we formulated this shampoo with a healthy portion of Argan Oil, a world renowned skin and hair supplement.  This oil is found in the best skin care products available and is used by models, moms, and last but not least Kippy Wingy, our beloved dog.

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Dirty Little Bitch

Natural Pet Shampoo

with Argan Oil

Dirty Little Bitch Shampoo delivers an amazing fresh scent that will make your female dog smell and feel like the princess she is. This shampoo was formulated to bring soft and shiny life to dull, dry coats that will make you want to pet your princess every time you see her. Argan Oil (rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Beneficial Oils) will moisturize, condition, and protect your dirty girls skin and coat.  Argan oil is used in the best skin care products available and loved by models, moms, and last but not least Kippy Wingy, our beloved dog.

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    Argan Oil Maintains a Shiny and Healthy Coat

    Vitamin E

    Vitamin A

    Fatty Acids


    Legendary all natural moisturizer and toner for skin and hair, used in high-end skin care products around the world. Often called ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is packed to the brim with beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin A and vitamin E.

    How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

    Your dog is lazy if it’s prefered exercise is eating, walking over to be pet, and scratching behind the ear.

    Wash when they start to smell.
    At minimum once a month.

    Your dog is a player if it loves to chase it’s own tail, shake, sit and go on walks with alpha beings of all stripes.  They are pleasers and, like any player, need assurance that what they are doing is working.  They may try and escape from time to time.

    Wash every two to three weeks
    and when they get into trouble

    Your dog is a dirty dogg if they have an uncontrollable urge to catch things, jump in mud, dig huge holes, and escape at every chance.  Favorite stopping ground: woods with cows grazing.

    Wash every one to two weeks
    If they find trouble more often, rinse them.

    We are Proud to Announce


    This shampoo was specially formulated for the female dog with a scent to match.


    Kippy Wingy

    a.k.a Kip Winger (Rock Band Winger)

    A Dog Worthy of a Shampoo

    We all know of dogs in need of a clean, but a whole shampoo brand?

    I have been a dog owner for years and have loved all of my pets.  However, I was especially close to Kippy Wingy.  My wife and I gave Kippy to our son Kyle for Christmas in 1997.  Kippy had an amazing personality and loved human companionship even more than time with other dogs.  My good friend Troy actually renamed Kippy to Kip Winger (rock band Winger), which quickly evolved into Kippy Wingy, for the remainder of his long life with our family.

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